Friday, August 1, 2008

Random thoughts on the post-Manny era:

Here's some more random crap that has been rolling around my head:

-While there's a huge sigh of relief from the Red Sox clubhouse, I have to wonder if they can really legitimately blame the incompetence of the past fortnight on Manny's infantile behavior. I understand his behavior was awful, but how does that explain why the pitching was horrendous? What we saw was a breakdown on every level - not just the one at left field. At some point, the Red Sox have to be held accountable for their overall crappiness. But as usual, it's easier to bash Manny than it is to criticize the organization. The Red Sox have done a magnificent job at positive public relations, but Mannygate still smacks of a distraction.

-And while we're on the subject, whether or not the Manny trade was a success remains to be seen. I can't stomache any more "addition by subtraction" talk, especially with the team in 4-12 death spiral. I hope Jason Bay can hit 3 home runs a game and pitch out of the bullpen, because that's pretty much what the team needs right now.

-As you can tell from my last blog entry, I've been on a bit of a MST3K kick lately. I can only hope that Rhino starts releasing more episodes sooner rather than label. In particular, it would be nice to see my two favorite Sci-Fi Channel era episodes - "Final Sacrifice" and "Riding with Death". I really want to see if Rowsdower can catch the elusive Robert Denby.

-Jenny and I will be camping this weekend. I can only hope we do not run afoul of any badgers.

-I don't think I can still link to this, but I read the stupidest article in the Wall Street Journal last week. It compared George W Bush to Batman. Honestly.

-Speaking of stupidity, when Michael Savage dies, I have a feeling he'll be watching "Rain Man" for all of eternity.

-Someone place Brett Favre under house arrest. It's tough to miss someone when they won't go away...

-Oh no! Another ex-Patriots employee has come out of the woodworks and made insane ad hominem attacks and unprovable allegations! Hopefully someone will call Gregg Easterbrook and advise him that he needs to put aside his attempts at the Grand Unified Theory of Physics to write another Dostoyevskiesque essay on how Belichik is the father of all that is unholy.

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