Thursday, August 14, 2008

So far, so good...

There are certain moments in the past 6 years or so which lead me to believe Theo Epstein is the luckiest person to ever walk the planet. To whit: the trade for Jason Bay. The Red Sox had two huge problems leading into the trade deadline. 1. The team wasn't hitting and 2. the middle relief was a problem. Since the trade, the Red Sox went 5-1 at home, had a winning road trip (barely) and are 2-0 so far in their homestand against the Texas Rangers. All of this success is in spite of the fact that the trade did nothing to address either one of these areas. In fact, by getting rid of Manny Ramirez and Craig Hansen, the Red Sox might have actually weakened their offense and bullpen. The perfect example is the nightmarish 19-17 victory over the Rangers where the middle relief did everything in their power to give Texas a victory but the supposedly inadequate Big Papi/Yoooouuuukkkk part of the order won the game anyways. Defying all logic to the contrary.

So basically, despite all logic and reason to the contrary, the trade is working. I don't know if Theo is a genius, but I'm glad he's working for my team.

Random comments:

-Unlike the completely overblown Spring Training, no one cares about the NFL pre-season. And no one should.

-I'm glad to see Gerry Callahan is recovering from throat cancer. I thought I should type that given the fact I disagree with him on every issue imaginable and I refuse to listen to WEEI in the morning because of this.

-Scottish football is awesome. Yet another late game involving a Glasgow team (this time, my beloved Celtic) is settled with a questionable late penalty kill. You'd think someone would eventually do something about this, but nope.

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