Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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This is unbelievably well said

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I have zero tolerance for the three ring circus that has become the Red Sox Fan Experience. All that is basically necessary to root for this team is to actually enjoy baseball and to enjoy watching the Red Sox play the game of baseball. That's it. And that attitude is as true in 2008 - after 2 world series titles - as it was in 1967 during the year when the fan base was created. It was still true in all the years when the Red Sox finished in last place.

What is not necessary is some of the superfluous programming I see on NESN (Sox Appeal?!??!) , the idea of Red Sox "nation" and any piece of Red Sox equipment that is not navy blue, red and white (the green hats are as bad as the pink ones, in my opinion). While the anti-Pink Hat sentiment does venture into misogyny, I want to make it clear that this sentiment is NOT anti-woman. Nor is it anti-"casual" Red Sox fan (no reasonable human being should be expected to live and breathe this team. This is a sports affiliation, NOT a lifestyle). Instead, it's an indictment against the current marketing campaign that the Red Sox have embraced where they're TRYING to turn this into a lifestyle. It's not and I refuse to play this game. I love baseball and the Red Sox and I'm going to leave it at this.

There are is a reason I feel this way The experience of rooting for PC hockey has so poisoned my enjoyment of sports in general , that I can't get too attached to a team for fear that they will kill me - as the Bruins are slowly doing. This has made me a notoriously poor loser. If my team is losing, I will not stay until the "bitter end" unless there's a chance my team will pull it out or if I'm up in Maine and someone stole my alternator. Also keep in mind that while I love the Red Sox, I also love the Patriots (EVIL!!!), Celtics, Bruins, Friars, and Celtic FC. I'm a sports polygamist.

In summation, it's a sport. It should be fun. And the team's colors are still navy blue, red and white. And I like women.

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