Wednesday, August 20, 2008

College hockey honeymoon options!

Shhh, don't tell Jenny. But, as much as I like the idea of going to Budapest, there is no college hockey in Hungary. So, let's look at some college hockey alternatives for our honeymoon, shall we?

Alaska (UA and UAA): The good thing about going to Alaska is that it's a beautiful state. Both of us would really like to visit. The bad news is the two teams are quite a distance from one another. And by the time the season starts, I'm sure it will be very VERY cold. Let's not forget which two teams usually finish in the bottom of the CCHA and WCHA respectively.

Boston (BC, BU, Hah-vahd, and NU): At least it would be cheap! The bad news is, not really a honeymoon spot.

Burlington VT (UVM): I love the Gutt and I love Burlington but there two problems here. 1. It's cold. 2. UVM's defense makes me want to jab needles in my eyes and slip into a coma. That's not romantic.

Colorado (DU, Air force, CC): Ah, it would be pretty and the hockey would be outstanding. But again, we need someplace warmer and preferably avalanche-free.

Orono, ME (Maine): Alfond is awesome and I would like to visit my alternator. But Orono is not exactly fun central (unless you crash one of the dozens of frat houses outside the rink) and once again - it would be cold.

Michigan (lower peninsula)(Michigan, MSU, FSU, WMU): Second only to Minnesota in the amount of options. However, I would be surrounded by Red Wings fans (sorry Mark!) and it wouldn't be too much of an improvement from Boston.

Michigan (upper peninsula)(LSSU, NMU, and MTU): Hey, it's the largest locks in the world! And the hockey would be decent. Unfortunately, we also have a very cold environment, Orono levels of excitement and the PK Ditty.

Minnesota (let's see: Minnesota, SCSU, UMD, BSU, and MSU-M. Phew!) A LOT of college hockey here. And, the Twin Cities is supposed to be a happening place. I would spend my entire honeymoon trying not to run into Garrison Keillor.

The North Country (SLU and Clarkson): Appleton and Cheel are fantastic places to see a game. But there is NOTHING to do here. Unless you want to drive up to Ottawa. I can see this honeymoon going poorly.

Upstate New York: (RPI, RIT, Union, Cornell, Colgate, Army, Canisius, Niagara): This might actually not be a bad trip. If it was summer and you were fishing. But having been to most of these places, I'm not sure I want to be there in winter (especially Colgate).

North Dakota (UND): I like snow as much as the next guy. But no...

Wisconsin (Wisconsin): Madison would be fun, but would Jenny really want to go back home for her honeymoon?

And now we see why Hungary is our best option!

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