Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random thoughts

- Would it kill me to blog more than once every two months? Sigh.

- Would it also kill someone in the media to comment about the laughable incompetence of officiating in the NBA? Everyone who complains about refs is a whiny homer? Well, the whiny homers are right. The NBA's officials suck on toast.

- Was anyone - ANYONE - really surprised at the end of the Patriots season? There were two blowouts, but every other game was painful to watch.

- We knew that the Celtics games would get progressively more difficult as the age started to catch up with the Big Three, but this is ridiculous. It doesn't help that half the officials have sworn some sort of Mafia-esque vendetta against Kendrick Perkins, but see my second point.

- Kudos to the Friars basketball team for showing some sort of life in Big East play. The late collapse against URI, the awful first half against BC and the loss to Iona made us think it was going to be a looonnnnggg season. It still might be. But there's something to be said for taking the wins when you can get them.

- And should we be surprised by the Bruins taking three steps back this year? Not really. There's a point to having an "offense", you know...

- Does Theo Epstein understand the concept of offense?

- Speaking of inertia, the PC men's hockey team is much much better this year. They've improved in every category. And they remain in last place. This is already a long season.