Saturday, May 31, 2008

While you weren't paying attention

A more cynical man than I would point out that the Boston Red Sox are somehow above reproach in New England - especially in regards to the much criticized Celtics (who somehow, despite making the NBA Finals are clearly fraudulent - yeah, sure), the criminally inept Bruins (no argument here) and the vaguely sinister facists who run the New England Patriots. If you want to buy into any conspiracy theories involving the Monolith of Fenway Park, consider that the Sox managed to bury their most incompetent stretch of the season during the Celtic's run to the NBA Finals against the Pistons. Yes, while we were all worrying about Ray Allen's sudden disappearance, whether or not KG is "clutch" and Sam Cassel's return to the Mothership, the Red Sox were getting swept by the Oakland A's, and losing 2 of 3 to the hapless Seattle Mariners. Fortunately for the Red Sox, these were all West Coast teams, and the games all ended at one in the morning. Since most of us have to work for a living, nobody figured out the Sox had lost until the next day. Thus, the worst stretch of the season passes by largely unnoticed. Convenient, eh?
Hopefully, now that the Sox are in Baltimore, the Sox can wake up and build off the 13 inning marathon win(obscured by the death of the Pistons). They have our undivided attention. At least until Thursday night, right?

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