Thursday, May 29, 2008

Five games in...

...and we still know NOTHING about who the eventual champions of the Eastern Conference will be. As I feared, this series is doomed to go 7 games. My original thought was that the Celtics would win all their home games, and the Pistons would win all their road games. That hasn't happened, but the Celtics are yet again going into a Game Six up 3-2. And just as before, I have little or no confidence that they will win. Even thought they did win a road game - finally - they Pistons just refuse to go away. With the exception of Game Three, none of the Celtics wins have been anything close to comfortable. And the kicker is, if the Celtics do advance, they'll be facing an even tougher opponent.

Many moons ago, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons referred to the Ranger's 1994 Stanley Cup Championship year as being as painful as childbirth. He also predicted that should the Red Sox ever win the World Series, the games would be just as long, drawn out and dramatic. Aside from the excruciating ALCS, he was wrong.

Maybe he really should have been talking about the Celtics instead. Watching these games has been torturous. I'm glad the C's are in the picture, but I'm not sure I can survive another Game Seven.

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