Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random rants:

- Man, one week without a blog entry? Maybe Charlie should smash my computer again!

-Once again, for the 36th offseason in row, the Bruins need a sniper. The absolute inability of anyone to score a goal in the horrible Game Seven proves this. Let's see if the front office can actually rectify this situation. Probably not.

-The NBA is the worst officiated of all the major sports. Not that the Celtic's can blame the officials for their 2 game descent into the Hell of last season, but the officials in this league are really bad before and during this series and they will be afterwards.

-This honestly might be the worst one week stretch in the history of Boston sports: the Bruins get drubbed in game seven, the Celtics suddenly lose the plot in Atlanta and the Red Sox. God, don't get me started on them. Can anyone on this team hit this week?

-I clicked on ESPN Page 2 this afternoon, and wouldn't you know it? There was another insanely long TMQ article. How does he do this? Does he get Stephen King to ghost write these columns?

-Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Celtic FC has suddenly opened up a 5 point lead on Rangers. I have NO idea how this happened, as the Hoops couldn't score so much as a goal on the Evil One's all season, but the past two games have given us a flick of hope. Sadly, Celtic has played THREE MORE GAMES than you know who. Sigh.

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