Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bruins extend season for a week

This picture represents something that didn't happen for the Bruins this season.

Notice the title of this entry is "extend season" and not "make playoffs!!!1!!!". This is because I'm not totally convinced that this is actually an accomplishment. First of all, most of the NHL seems to have a winning record these days. Secondly, has it ever been difficult to get into the playoffs in the NHL? At one point, the Bruins made the playoffs for 29 straight seasons. And most importantly, the Bruins are playing Montreal. Here are a few reasons why no post season in which the Boston Bruins play les Habitants could ever be teamed up with the word "excitement".

1. They always lose.
2. The Bruins had a sparkling 0-7-1 record against Montreal. *shudder*
3. They always lose.
4. With the Celtics storming their way into the NBA postseason and the Red Sox starting to play meaningful games, does anyone really care?
5. They always lose
6. ?
7. Profit
8. Did I mention they always lose?

I apologize for the lame South Park joke, but keep in mind: the Bruins always lose to Montreal in the playoffs. Sigh. At best, this delays the inevitable.

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