Thursday, April 10, 2008

Frozen Four preview... time to make predictions that won't come true!

What is more of a motif for me then kvetching and pointless hostility is making predictions... that don't come true! So here are some more you can all make fun of me for tomorrow.

Frozen Four predictions:

Michigan vs Notre Dame- It is difficult to think of a team more impressive this year than the Wolverines. When I saw them play at GLI, I was astounded at the fact that the NCAA actually allowed Billy Sauer to play with a force field surrounding his net. All kidding aside, the smart money is on Michigan to advance. Of course, it would be remiss of me not to give the Irish props for upsetting UNH and Michigan State on consecutive days and keeping our old friend Pooley gainfully employed. I think Notre Dame makes a game of it, but I see Michigan advancing.

BC vs North Dakota- Ah yes, the Eagles and Fighting Si- er, Flickertails meet YET AGAIN. On paper, you have to hand it to UND; they appear to have better goal scoring and the better goalie. But there's something magical about the ride Joe Muse has had and Nate Gerbe will probably annoy yet another college hockey fan base. For some inexplicable reason, I see BC advancing - even without a horrific cloud of fog, but not without some difficulty and not without TJ Oshie taking a number one in a public place.

These are my predictions, and please enjoy the UND/ND matchup on Saturday. Because I'm always wrong.

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