Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coming attractions!

I've had some great ideas for blog posts lately, some of which I'll get to:

-I really need to do that Journey/Styxx/Foreigner Battle Royal I promised. I'll get to it eventually. Don't stop believing... (I couldn't resist)

- Joe Fitzgerald from the Boston Herald needs a visit from Charlie Chaplin following his asinine comments about George Carlin's lack of "decency". Apparently, using seven words you can't say on the air is indecent, but choosing the event of someone's death to bring up people's potty mouths is okay? I really don't think so.

- More complaining about WEEI's uselessness. The Red Sox are slumping badly, so why all the reflexive Manny bashing? Actually, I might not need to do this.

-Where should Jenny and I go on our honeymoon? My ideas on the subject will follow.

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