Monday, July 14, 2008

Sox at the break

When I do make predictions, they tend to be wrong, so I'll avoid that temptation. But I would like to say that nothing has been decided by this week of baseball.
When we began the week, the Rays were up by 5 games. Now, largely due to the fact that Tampa Bay is only slightly less incompetent a road team than the Red Sox, the Rays are half a game down. I said last week that the Rays and their "cute" four game league meant nothing. I will say this week that the Red Sox and their tinier half a game lead are just as irrelevant. I expect Tampa Bay to go on a run when they get back home and the Red Sox to continue to struggle on the road. I also expect the BePinstriped Ones to get back into the race and create a three way struggle for the AL East. I wouldn't even put it past the Orioles to get hot.

This could be a very very entertaining second half if four teams can compete for one or two playoff spots.

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