Thursday, March 27, 2008

I have these great ideas, you see...

I have these wonderful ideas for a blog, but I'm probably not going to do them. With college hockey season ending, I need to expand my focus. There won't be a lot of news about PC until the schedule gets announced. Following the Frozen Four, there won't be lot of college hockey to talk about at all. So, that leaves other sports, and I feel like I've already covered that.

Here are a list of topics, I'd like to cover in my blog in the near future - while I'm waiting for the NBA/NHL playoffs and for the Red Sox to start playing "important games" (who the HELL cares what the team looks like in April or May?!?!?).

Spygate! I'm so sick of Spygate that I could vomit chess pieces. People keep "hinting" that they have dirt on the Patriots and ESPN keeps following along like a pack of golden retrievers with learning disabilities. So far, we have seen NOTHING concrete aside from the the tapes that Roger Goodell destroyed. And the reason the NFL destroyed the tapes is because he didn't want them being leaked the press. The press won't let this go because of two reasons:

1. They hate the Patriots, probably because the Pats aren't as cool, exciting, (or as cocaine addled) as the Dallas Cowboys. When did hating someone become an actual newsworthy event? My blog isn't fantastic, but it would be twenty times worse if I spent all my time berating the Lakers, Canandiens, Yankees, Rangers FC, BU or any other team I was pissed off at. Maybe I'm missing this and I should just start a "I hate Duke" page and bond with every UNC hoops fan in the country. Yee haw!

2. Sports journalism is about nine times more boring than you think. Why else would Bill Simmons spend any amount of time comparing the coaching staff of the Sacramento Kings to a minor character from "Karate Kid II"? Oooh, Barry Bonds used steriods? You don't say?

I grow weary of hearing "Where there's smoke,there's fire" when no one can actually point out that there is indeed smoke.

Cheesy Rock Three Way Dance: I might actually do this one. Who is more cheesy?

Come on, don't you want to know if "Don't Stop Believing" is really sillier than "Come Sail Away" or "Hot Blooded"? I feel like I would have to reference the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" episode where the Mooninites stole the Foreigner belt and Carl had to defend Loverboy.

Why I no longer follow professional wrestling: I know someone will make fun of me for this, but I used to like wrestling. I liked it during the Hulk Hogan era of the WWF. I liked it during the revival of the late nineties with WCW, WWF, and ECW - the one with Goldberg, Stone Cold, the Rock, HHH, and Chris Jericho. And I came back briefly when Vince McMahon resurrected ECW. But now I don't like it because it's stupid and Jenny makes fun of me when I watch it. Actually, maybe I don't need to expound on this topic...

I give up, here's random Chili Guy quotes:
"Can't go back to Dedham Supreme nevah who I am!"
"Oh I see, again with the gift cards! Whatever happened to signings, do the right thing, and family problems?"
"Ya gotta take the money, Kadolpho!"
"Point blank, I'm never slow. Point blank, he's a little slow."
"David Ortiz can't carry this Buffalo Bills franchise."
"If I asked you for 13 million eights - 13 million billion eights, do think you could get that to finance this deal?"
"OJ, I never heard of no OJ, but if you want the real Mark Furman, I'll tell you who the f----ing guy is, right here!"
"The Vatican is the big guy today."
"We're looking at a conference in the city of Boston or the state of Massachusetts on RACKETEERING charges!"

Ghost Hunters: Why don't they ever find a ghost? I mean, wouldn't they get lucky eventually?

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