Friday, February 22, 2008

Rant of the week: I hate this week

What can you say about the week where your cat destroys $750 worth of property, you can no longer open your car's gas tank without major help, you end up in a horribly uninteresting job just to keep from getting bored, a snow storm conspires to keep you from an exciting trip to North Andover, and every conversation - whether it be on the phone, in person, or even on stupid Instant Messenger becomes a horrible painful ordeal? You say, "good riddance".

If this week was a man, I would knee him in the crotch and proceed to kick the week's head until it was a bloody pulp.

Thank God its Friday indeed.

Random Rantings:

-Watching BC and UNH fans exchange pleasantries on USCHO is sickening. Where's the Matti/Ayers bickering when you need it?

-BU is scary. UVM? Not so much. Maine? Not at all.

-If PWR is to be believed, right now all of two teams are going to make to the NCAA's. If this isn't a giant cry for help in this conference, I don't know what is. If NU and PC have good weekends, that number will go up to three. Part of the problem is the utter cluster**** that is the WCHA. What PC (and NU, actually) NEED to happen is for one or two of these teams to get hot (my bet would be on MSU-M and Wisconsin) and put some distance between themselves and the rest. CC, UND, and DU are probably as good as in. You have to hope that everyone else scrapes along the rest of the way. I'm not even going to try to figure out the CCHA. Miami and Michigan have been #1 and #2 so long that I can't imagine anyone else pulling the upset - well, maybe our good friends at MSU can help with that. And as usual, PC needs help: Michigan, MSU, Union and Clarkson need to keep chugging along. SLU is a lost cause. Don't get me started on Holy Cross. PC's fatal mistake was losing to the Crusaders. The Goons would be in much better shape had that game not taken place.

-Speaking of general trends, its entirely possible that Hockey East is actually WORSE this year. No one outside of UNH has covered themselves in glory and the fact that the conference is banking its hopes on the Kitties is frightening after the disappearing act that UNH did in the last two games of the previous seasons. The amusing this is that everyone in the league is better. But if only two teams out of 10 get into the post season, its going to be awfully hard to spin that as a good thing.

-I think Matt Walsh is a liar. So there. I don't think he has a tape of the Ram's walkthrough. I don't he even has a tape of "Batman". ESPN is just stupid.

-Someone needs to let the Celtics know that the All Star break is over.

-As I said before, the comments section on this blog is open. If anyone, ANYONE: Jenny, Mark (haha), grumpy MTU fans who want to debate my feelings on the WCHA, and even people pretending to be a rabbi (!!) want to make a comment, feel free.

-And one final note, I hope everyone had a better week than I did!


Cloister said...

Poor, poor Jon. Perhaps you're being punished for your lack of faith? Where's your sacred hat?

Jon said...

Smegging right, you curry eating, lager drinking gimboid.