Friday, February 29, 2008

Boston sports media: Team by team break down

The Boston Bruins:
I love the Bruins. Too bad no one else seems to care. Perhaps its because they haven't done anything in the playoffs since 1999? And they haven't gotten within sniffing distance of the Stanley Cup since 1990? Yep, its been a while...

TV: I like Jack Edwards. Except for the fact that he seems to get very very excited when the other team scores. He's no Fred Cusick, but I think he's done a good job replacing Dale Arnold.

Radio: They're decent. It would be a trip to see Bob Ellis of WUML fame take over this job, but I have no complaints about the radio team.

The Boston Celtics:
Having rooted for this team during the M.L. Carr/Rick Pitino years and the train wreck that was last year, I wish I had a pitchfork to push everyone off the bandwagon who showed up when Kevin Garnett was acquired.

TV: Mike Gorman is great. Tommy Heinsohn's schtick is probably getting old, but it still cracks me up. I agree with him on the competence level of NBA officials and I enjoy the "Tommy Point" silliness, but I do miss "I! LOVE! WALTAH!"

Radio: Sean Grande is okay. Cedric Maxwell is unbelievably awesome. He's funny, smart, incisive and I get the impression that he's actually rooting against the C's. Yet I still like him.

The Boston Red Sox:
If I need a pitchfork to get rid of the C's Bandwagoneers, I need a steam shovel to clear out the Pink Hats and their Jason Variteck fetish. And can we please stop with the idiotic "Yankees Suck" garbage now that its actually true?

TV: Very good. I wish Jerry Remy would stop trying to sell me things. Is there anything better than watching the post game show and marveling at the Eck's mullet or Sam Horn's insane wardrobe choices?

Radio: Many people have a problem the fact that Joe Castiglione never gives the score of the game and gets unbelievably depressed when the Red Sox are losing. The score thing bothers me, but I get depressed when the Sox are losing so why shouldn't he?

New England Patriots:
The Super Bowl was depressing. But this is still the best team in the region, if not the country. Don't jump off the Tobin Bridge yet.

TV: I hate national broadcasters. John Madden is a perfect 10 on the unintentional comedy scale.

Radio: While I do appreciate that the broadcast team is ancient and in need of new blood, I really don't see what the hurry is.

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Joe Grav said...

Jack Edwards is kind of annoying and he's starting to go very homer-ish on us, which is very unlike him. But all in all, he's much better than 90% of hockey announcers I've ever heard.

He uses some weird terminology and tends to talk to much, but I can put up with it.

I don't ever really watch the C's, so I'll pass.

Agreed on Remy. The Sox broadcast team is still very good (Orsillo is the best in the business - I spent one summer with the MLB Extra Innings package so I was able to compare properly) but in the last few years, Remy has really bought into his own personality; just like all things Red Sox, I love it, but it's kind of obnoxious.

I'm a huge fan of baseball on the radio and as such I love listening to Joe Castiglione. The parade of morons they've brought in to replace Jerry Trupiano, not so much. I loved listening to Joe & Jerry even more than watching the games. They had such great chemistry and really fed off of one another; they were kind of dinkish, but it was charming. Trupe was error prone, but the Geffner kid was bland, as is John Riche; and Dave O'Brien is too robotic and 'national' to be a true local guy. Maybe it's just me, but you're supposed to feel fondness for your local baseball radio announcer, 'the voice of summer.'

As for the Pats, I used to love turning the TV down and turning the radio up - I love Gil and Gino's passion for the Pats, Gil has that booming voice, and Gino still has a pretty keen eye. Now the TV and radio are almost always out of synch so it doesn't work anymore, but when I'm away from the TV during Pats games, I enjoy listening to those guys.

From my BC perspective - John Meterpariel is embarrassing as the play by play guy for BC football, and Cronin (color guy) is a ridiculous homer.

The dearly departed Ted Sarandis does play by play for BC basketball, and while he gets (rightly) ripped for being pompous, biased, and way, way, over the top over the smallest things, I still like him. He got me excited about BC basketball when I was 13, 14 years old, and I still enjoy tuning in when the games aren't on TV.

BC hockey's guys are pretty good, but John Riche, who does the games, is a bit subdued, and if you drift away and stop paying close attention, you won't really know which team scored when he does his goal call, which is the same for both teams: very hushed.