Friday, October 30, 2009

Rant of the week. New and random!

-Stupid Geocities. I know my website wasn't that great and I used to take long periods between updates, but I will miss adding to it. And no, $4.99 a month for a website people barely noticed was not worth it.

-Yankee fans are going to hate this, but this team now reminds me of the 1996-2000 edition where once they had a lead in the late innings, the game was basically over.

-I want the Tim Donaghy book for Christmas.

-I also want to see the Vikings get blown out this weekend. About 3 or 4 crippling Favre turnovers in the late fourth quarter would be lovely - as the Steelers learned last week.

-Speaking of football, people dismissing the Pats because they beat up bad teams is lame. What are they supposed to in that situation? There are no style points in the NFL - this is probably a lesson the Pats learned in 2007.

-Now that the Irish finally beat BC, does this mean Notre Dame will deign to play the Eagles every year? I understand that Notre Dame also plays USC, Michigan, and MSU every year, but they also play the service academies, a hit or miss Purdue team and Stanford team that hasn't done much lately. It's not like they can't squeeze a good ACC team in there, which is what BC is every year.

-The real test for PC hockey is about to begin: 2 games against a good UMASS team, a road game up in Vermont and the Mayor's Cup against Brown that PC usually manages to lose at the best of times.

-The worst part of the 92-59 pimp slapping the Bobcats received from the Celtics this week wasn't the fact that they only scored 59 points. It's that the Celtics honestly didn't look that good. What happens when Glenn Davis recovers from the thumb injuries and gets his head out of his ass? The bench is already good and Ray Allen has been cold. When he gets hot, the C's might start putting together an even more insane score line.

- Hey Mark...

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