Monday, January 19, 2009

A tale of two sports teams

This week once again proves the difference between PC ice hockey and PC basketball.

PC hockey, all but given up for dead, picks up a goaltender (I'm still not sure how the NCAA allowed this to happen, but whatever), and proceeds to go on a 3-0-1 streak, getting improbable wins at BU and UMASS and grabbing a tie at the Graveyard of the Skating Goons, Alfond Arena - all of this despite taking a crazy amount of penalties, and being soundly outplayed in most of these games.

PC basketball, with a good record and an undefeated record in the Big East, travels to Georgetown (one of the three or four places in this conference where this team never gets a win) and gets physically man handled by the Hoyas, losing by seven even after a late run cuts the lead to one. They then proceed to go home and play another ranked team - Marquette - where they play the game of their lives for 30 minutes. And then revert to the awful form that lost them the Georgetown game. They lose again.

This is the difference between PC ice hockey and PC basketball. PC ice hockey overachieves. PC basketball under achieves.

Then the calender turns to March and they both lose.

I love these teams, but God (Shammgod?) help me...

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