Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sports 1, Jon nil; the mission statement

So, why am blogging here now? I know, you weren't actually asking that. You were wondering why this page came up and not pornography. I can't help you there.
About 9 years ago, I decided that the Providence College men's ice hockey team wasn't getting the support they needed on the internet so I started this page: http://www.geocities.com/boompc99/he.html and christened it the Coffin Online. Asside from random BU bashing and some sick jokes at everyone's expense, all was right in the world. But for some reason, the page was missing something. It was missing a definitive part of my personality: grumpiness. So I decided to dedicate a special part of my page to kvetching, complaining, whining and generally ranting as only a privileged white male in this society can. I called it the "Weekly Rant" page. The problem was it wasn't weekly. The college hockey season begins in early October and ends in early April. That's about six months of hockey, which would translate into about 24-30 rants per year. I was luck to get to 10. Last year, when PC was absolutely horrendous, I got to ONE rant. Well, the Coffin Online is back and updated. Only this year, I'm going to try blogging on this site.
So for those of you who aren't familiar with me, you can expect a lot of snarky humor, the random comment about fine literature and almost inevitably, a few dozen typos. The typos I can fix, but I'm stuck with the snarky humor. Sorry. I'll dedicate one post every week to Friar hockey, but the rest of time, I'll tackle to the quagmire that is New England sports. Fair warning: I don't like the Globe, the Herald, or WEEI. So you can pretty much figure how this is going to go.


Joe Grav said...

wouldn't you have to tag every post as 'kvetching?'

I love The Coffin site, so I'm looking forward to this blog.

Joe Grav said...

on a related note, an Arsenal fan without Fever Pitch listed among his favorite books? for shame.